Aircraft Maintenance Training

There is a world of opportunity waiting in a career of aircraft maintenance engineering. But most aircraft maintenance training programmes don’t satisfy industry expectations. In many places aircraft maintenance is taught using light aircraft components – industry expectations are more oriented towards heavyweight aircraft such as Airbuses, Boeings etc. When it comes to aircraft maintenance, we believe in equipping you with airline-oriented training.
For this purpose, we have partnered with, JorAMCo, one of the best aircraft maintenance facilities in the world, to provide you with the quality training that is essential to become relevant in the industry. You will thus have the opportunity to train while working on aircraft such as Airbus and Boeing.
The Academy provides training according to the standards of IR Part 66, with its facility in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordon, in association with Air Service Training AST (Engineering) of Perth, Scotland. The academy is further accredited by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority (UKCAA), as per the EASA 147 regulations..

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